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March is International Women's Month, and De-Bug will be highlighting women leaders in the Bay Area as a month long series. The first installment features the Malia Movement Company — a collective of female artists, dancers, and creators committed to being "fabulous."

Malia Movement Company (MMCo) was created by Malia Connor in 1992 as a vessel to bring together women of varying ethnicities, ages, body types and socio-economic status through the art of dance.

Malia and her company firmly believe that all people can find inspiration in one another, and are dedicated to creating opportunities for this by using different mediums and platforms of theater.

MMCo's programs have evolved into visual meditations; experiences that embody a seamless blend of Malia's fluid movement vocabulary, social consciousness and commitment to artistic diversity.

As a Dunham trained dancer, Malia personally identifies with movement that is healing, socially relevant and multi-dimensional. She prides herself on creating pieces that educate with a light touch, and her choreographic works often shed light on social issues such as single parenting, being of mixed heritage or the plight of Indigenous Peoples.

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Jean Melesaine is a photographer and videographer for Silicon Valley De-Bug.

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Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan community activist, documentary photographer and editor with Silicon Valley De-Bug. 

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