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Articles Published in August, 2011

Bay Area Hip-Hop Artist YDMC: On The Block

Block2Block Radio talks with Bay Area Hip-Hop artist YDMC of RonDavoux Records. Hear all about his music, skate boarding venture and his work with San Jose youth.

Sogorea Te; Native Americans Protect Sacred Site Glen Cove

Photographer Jamie Emerson and g$ take photos of Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) ceremonies after a final closing ceremony for the prayer vigil & encampment at Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) held on Saturday. Story by Luella Muñoz

New Health Guide Breaks Barriers for Transgender Men of Color

The Brown Boi Project releases a new guide for transgendered men of color. Drawing from the experiences of a diverse set of cotributors fro across the country, the publication is a groundbreaking tool for communities to heal and be heard.

The Battle of the Bay is Ruined By Tough Guy Syndrome

In the wake of the violence that broke out at Saturday's Raider vs. 49ers pre-season game (which included numerous fight and two shootings) there's plenty of blame to go around.
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