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Articles Published in September, 2011

You, ME, We -- Samuel Rodriguez's First Solo Show at Cukui Clothing Store

In the heart of Japantown, artist Samuel Rodriguez of Shorty Fatz held his first solo show at Cukui. The following timelapse video captures the creative production process, as well as the diverse community who came to the showing.

Scaring the Crap Out of the Company

I never thought fighting for workers rights would lead me here — sitting in a Sikh Temple, meeting with a group of 45 Indian truck drivers...

Photographer Charisse Domingo at Euphrat Museum Opening

In March of 2009, De Anza College opened up the new Euphrat Museum in Cupertino, California.

Photo Swag By Abraham Menor

At an event thrown by the Knowbodies Abraham Menor of brainsoiled.com hosted a photo booth of what he calls photo swag

As Strong as a Stone

Richard Babcock is a stone sculptor and uses sculpting to cope with his mental health. "Art has always been a passion of mine, something I have aspired to since my childhood. In my late teens I became mentally ill and struggled on the streets and in mental hospitals. I received disability payments after several years of illness and went back to college for Art Photography".

My Friend's Eulogy A Poem in Rememberance of Demetrius Campbell By Society of Metafizix

keep waitin' to hear from you D I guess its sinkin' in now that im writing your eulogy when you passed, all i could think about was you and me

American Immigrant

AD Avila was selected as one of a handful of community leaders from around the country by the Knight Commission to present a digital story of his immigrant experience. Through his artwork and advocacy he breaks down the fear of the American immigrant.

Inspire Mural Project Brings Color to West San Jose

Artists Adrian Avila and Samuel Rodriguez teamed up with the Gardener community to produce the Inspire mural. This video shares the day by day evolution of Inspire.

CA’s Goal to Reduce Prison Overcrowding Hinges on Counties

In response to a Supreme Court decision, California will be reducing the number of people being sent to prison. Jayadev contends that this shift represents a historic opportunity for counties to re-imagine their criminal justice systems.

Beer Kid

As a kid I remember going to the local liquor store to buy beer for my family, I saw this young man while visiting a friend's apartment comlex, and it brought back memories..
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