Ponzi Scheme

Simon's poem explores the economy in which we are currently in, many went homeless, more are in a worst economic state, but also many profited from all this.

By Simon# Every time I turn on the news
So many crooks
The so-called “Distinguished”
Some ponzi
Some out right Madoff
ripped off old folks
For so many retirement is not an option
Those lucky enough to still have a job
Golden age turned into a nightmare
Sounds like the title of some Horror movie
Forced to choose between medication or food
Most don’t even have roof
Digging in the trash recyclable goods
Who’s the worse criminal?
Victimizing too many to count
Instead white collar,
Should call them scum collar
How many had a heart attack,
suicide or dying slowly?
Mass murder, anyone?
Throw away the key
Global economic crisis,
of such monumental proportion
Who’s the culprit?
Some blame it on the mortgage, sold as bond repackage,
asset turned toxic,
poof! Trillions vanish,
Millions homeless
Many more dwindle nest eggs.
Nightmare into their golden age
some point on culture
simmered with corruption and greed
Common sense obsolete
Gandhi said, “Poverty is the deadliest form of violence”
Violence indeed.

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