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Articles Published in October, 2011

The Pressures and Challenges to Mental Health for Young Men -- Block to Block Radio Interview

Block2Block Radio host David Madrid talks with Mario Ozuna-Sanchez of the National Compadres Network about the mental health and healing needs of men & boys in our communities.

East Palo Alto Families Are Not For Sale

In 2007, Page Mill Properties raised the rents on tenants occupying close to 1,800 units in East Palo Alto, touching off what would be a four-year battle against the City and community groups to preserve rent control. In 2010, Wells Fargo foreclosed on the properties and promised to involve community members in the long term plans of the apartments, which are mostly home to low income families of color.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog/Profile: Local San Jose Hip-Hop artist SwayD a.k.a Danny Day-Cali Calor

Cali Calor: This song was originally inspired by the instrumental produced by Bless. Once I heard the beat, I felt I should do something that would really make people think with some unique lyricism. "Calor" in Spanish means heat and that's what I went off of to write the hook:"The world is so cold but I bring Calor".

The Feministing Five: Jean Melesaine

Feministing.com features our very own Jean Melesaine. She speaks on how she found her way to her life calling of helping others and being a voice for people of color. Anna Sterling of feministing.com interviews Jean and gives us insight to one of the Bay's hardest souls, and the struggles that she has overcome.

When A Family Is Sentenced

This video was produced for New America Media's "Growing Up Poor In The Bay Area" forum. 24 year old Moaseni Jr. Leasiolagi and his fiance Christina have 2 children, currently live in a 10x10 studio with his father and younger brother. They have been on welfare since their son was born and have been looking for jobs which has been hard since they both have criminal backgrounds.

The Passing Of An iCon -- A Young Immigrant Reflects On How Steve Jobs Opened A World That Once Seemed Out Of Reach

In Silicon Valley, there is a connection between those who innovate the technology and the working poor, who are often times immigrants. Adrian Avila, a young self-made graphic designer, writes about how Steve Jobs was a catalyst to his dreams that once seemed out of reach.

Voices & Visions for Criminal Justice Reform

On September 14, 2011, over 200 attendees -- parolees, probationers, families, elected officials, law enforcement managers -- came together to participate in a community forum Santa Clara County's criminal justice realignment plan.

When The Teacher Doesn't Know Your Name

I’ve always been an A student. I liked doing my work and asking questions whenever I was having doubts about something. My teachers always gave me the attention I needed and answered all my questions. All that changed for me when I started high school.

GlassClops #2 October issue

Magazine dedicated to film photography featuring Abraham Menor, Stephen Brown, Aaron Cho, Paul Glover, Vladimir Tikay, and Kasha Guilfoyle-Jackson.

Budget Cuts are Not Only Eliminating Jobs, They Are Leaving our Youth Hanging

Ever since youth counselor David Madrid lost his job as the City of San Jose slashed youth programs, he has worried most of all of the young people he knew who no longer have support systems, and the future they face without them.
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