East Palo Alto Families Are Not For Sale

In 2007, Page Mill Properties raised the rents on tenants occupying close to 1,800 units in East Palo Alto, touching off what would be a four-year battle against the City and community groups to preserve rent control. In 2010, Wells Fargo foreclosed on the properties and promised to involve community members in the long term plans of the apartments, which are mostly home to low income families of color.

Against the wishes of the community to sell the apartments to multiple buyers, Wells Fargo announced in 2011 that they made an offer to Equity Residential, whose chairman Sam Zell is a well-known opponent of rent control in California. This move angered residents who are determined to not just protect rent control, but send the message that East Palo Alto families ARE NOT FOR SALE.

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Charisse Domingo is a photojournalist with Silicon Valley De-Bug, and co-founder of the Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project. Domingo is also the co-founder of the Darkroom at Debug, a community for film photographers.

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"I refuse the believe that corporations are people until the state of Texas executes one"

Corporations are gaining too much power - corporate power arguably trumps government. "In God we trust" - where are we exercising the value of treating your neighbors as you would treat yourself? The lives of thousands of neighbors hangs in the balance of one business deal. The absurdity! EPA families deserves to have a home in East Palo Alto.

Thanks for posting/ creating this video.

East Palo Alto RESIDENT

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