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Articles Published on October 5, 2011

When A Family Is Sentenced

This video was produced for New America Media's "Growing Up Poor In The Bay Area" forum. 24 year old Moaseni Jr. Leasiolagi and his fiance Christina have 2 children, currently live in a 10x10 studio with his father and younger brother. They have been on welfare since their son was born and have been looking for jobs which has been hard since they both have criminal backgrounds.

The Passing Of An iCon -- A Young Immigrant Reflects On How Steve Jobs Opened A World That Once Seemed Out Of Reach

In Silicon Valley, there is a connection between those who innovate the technology and the working poor, who are often times immigrants. Adrian Avila, a young self-made graphic designer, writes about how Steve Jobs was a catalyst to his dreams that once seemed out of reach.
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