Voices & Visions for Criminal Justice Reform

On September 14, 2011, over 200 attendees -- parolees, probationers, families, elected officials, law enforcement managers -- came together to participate in a community forum Santa Clara County's criminal justice realignment plan.

As counties across California create and implement plans to respond to AB109, what is being called realignment, in which parolees will be turned over to county supervision, and newly charged residents who are found to commit a non-serious offense, will also be under county control rather then going to state prison -- Santa Clara County community members are helping shape the conversation. At this forum, attended by recently released parolees, service providers, faith-based organizations, County Supervisors, top law enforcement officials, and others. The roughly 200 attendees shared their ideas what needs to be changed, improved, or added to ensure a successful county realignment plan.

About Fernando Perez

Fernando J. Perez is a video journalist and a digital media instructor at Silicon Valley De-Bug.  

About Raj Jayadev

Raj Jayadev is the coordinator of SV De-Bug and coordinates the Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project, an organizing model for families and communities to impact their local court systems. He is an Ashoka Fellow.

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