We Speak Baylingual Music Profile: YDMC- The Most Consistently Booked Artist In The South Bay

YDMC (Young DM aka "Craziness") is quickly becoming known as one of the most driven artists of the new hip hop generation. Influenced by life's trials and turmoil, YDMC continues to blaze a unique trail through our ears and burn real images that we refuse to see in our minds.

    YDMC, born David Manson in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in Jonesboro, Georgia, resides and pulls his inspiration within the city limits of San Jose, California. As one of the original members of Today's News and a sponsored skateboarder, YDMC has been recording music with the group since 2005. However, his beginning groundwork for his hip hop career began when he became a part of the San Jose State chapter of the internationally known Hip Hop Congress. After meeting chapter heads Wes, Temesgen and Warren (2003), YDMC quickly rose up the ranks of the chapter until eventually receiving the honor of leading the group as acting President. Within this time period, several of Manson's friends joined the chapter. After connecting with young San Jose producer B-A-C, YDMC with friends Legend, G.H.O.S.T, Solomon, The Precedence, G-Wiz, and new friend Madman, Today's News began recording tracks for the chapter's first mixtapes "Expressions for Relief, Vols. 1 and 2” (all proceeds went to the Red Cross for the Philippine’s tsunami and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts) as individual artists. Shortly, after Today's News formed and was joined by Am-1, Labyrinth, and Mikhael (formally known as Judah) a little further down the road.  Now, with partners like Ookie of Bayligual/THE WORD (Since 2007) and Chraze-C (since 2009), YDMC has been killing the local hip-hop scene.



    Some of the struggles that have influenced YDMC in his lifelong road to power and his quest to become a great MC include having to work and hustle to pay for food, bills and studio time, surviving a brutal attack with brass knuckles in 2006 which left him near death (G.H.O.S.T. and B-A-C were also with him), failed relationships, and the unexpected passing of his younger cousin and Grandmother, which still vividly affects him because they were very influential supporters of his beginning music career [R.I.P. Andre Anthony Pittman (10/30/87 - 02/21/05) and Eleanor Miller, who passed 11/22/2008].


    YDMC has been signed as a solo artist with Bay Area label RonDavoux Records since 2008, where he has released “The Out The Trunk Project” (2009). He just dropped his first mixtape, The "Etch N' Sketch" Mixtape, and will soon drop his major debut album " Under The Radar" in the end of 2011 featuring hit Bay Area greats DLabrie (mentor, “big brother” and RDV president), The Jacka , Goldie Gold from The Federation, plus Messy Marv and Traxamillion (both made possible on behalf of Boogie Womack of Thizz Latin). YD is now working on several new projects at the same time with several up-and-coming artists as well as seasoned veterans in the local rap game. He has been entering MC battles, traveling outside of the Bay to promote, and is constantly performing (including opening for acts such as Too Short, Afroman, MIMS, A-Plus of Souls of Mischief/Heiroglyphics, Knobody & Pep Love of Heiroglyphics, Scarub & The Grouch of Living Legends, Tha Dogg Pound, Zion-I, Z-Man, Andre Nickatina, The Jacka, Husalah, San Quinn, The Procussions, and many more), holding the title as the most consistently booked artist in the South Bay, period.


YDMC is determined to bring a new style to hip hop while maintaining a close connection to its roots. With a combination of his self-proclaimed D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) mentality, intelligent, socio-political lyrics, and sharp business etiquette, he is destined to have a flourishing career and we are destined to support him.




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