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Articles Published in November, 2011

Why I Still Support Omar Gaddafi, and How Africa Lost One of the Last Leaders Against Foreign Subterfuge

As many celebrate the death of the longtime Libyan leader, one commentator gives a historical analysis of Gadaffi's efforts to challenge imperialism.

"The Professor" SJ Beat Maker On Shine

A video interview with Yul, a 19 year old soulful beat-maker from San Jose, Ca.

Movement Brewing to Divest Money From Big Banks

With last Saturday's "Bank Transfer Day"registering an impact, more and more fed up people are choosing to divest money from their banks.

Depictions of Poverty

A video collaboration between a graphic designer and an local beat maker tackling poverty in this depiction of poverty.

Proud To Be A Joto

San Jose Poet Yosimar Reyes writes about the first time he was called "joto", a spanish word that is often used derogatory towards folks that identify with queerness, two-spirit, LBTQQI.

Filipino American Dream Act Student Facing Immediate Deportation

JB, a Filipino Dream Act student came here lawfully with his family from the Philippines when he was fifteen years old. JB is 31 now. In those sixteen years since his arrival in this country one could not differentiate his life compared to anyone else living here. On November 12 JB is set to be deported back to the Phillipines.

When the Drop is All You Got

Fernando J Pérez produced this video for the Poverty Forum held on November 3rd at the Martin Luther King Jr Library in San Jose, CA. He interviewed four young Bill Wilson Drop-In clients about their experiences trying to make it the Silicon Valley.

Communications Workers Rise against Verizon Wireless In Solidarity With Occupy Movement

Block2Block radio host David Madrid talks with union organizer Louie Rocha from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) about their current struggle with Verizon Wireless and their connection to the Occupy Movement. Louie also takes us inside last weeks historic Nov. 2 General Strike that rocked the streets of Oakland Ca.

Santa Clara County Immigration Policy Watch

Santa Clara County has been a leading voice in protecting the rights of immigrants in the face of escalating federal immigration enforcement. SJ Beez/Silicon Valley De-Bug presents a resource page featuring media coverage, policy memos, data, and other information on Santa Clara County’s policies regarding immigration matters.

We Speak Baylingual: Bottom Notch

Bottom Notch is a hip-hop duo from Berkeley, Ca.... Video Produced By Matt Lee Music By Bottom Notch ft Cola Of Metafizix
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