San Jose Poet Lorenz Mazon Dumuk; "Fat"

Lorenz Mazon Dumuk is a San Jose writer and community organizer. He performs his poem "Fat" from his book Ay Nako;Writing Through The Struggle, which deals with the reality of being a man and dealing with body issues but more or so, self love issues. A poem he hesitated to share, but as he says during his interview, "if you write it, you should share it".

Lorenz Mazon Dumuk is a writer and community organizer. Through his love for music was where he started to fall in love with lyrics and the written word. Lorenz would not start writing his own poetry until middle school. He was first introduced to spoken word through his involvement with San Jose’s, FYC (Filipino Youth Coalition), an organization he credits for developing his love for Filipino history and its stories. Lorenz was fortunate to develop part of his writing craft through the creative writing classes at Evergreen Valley College which help pushed him to acquired his BA in Creative Writing at Cal State East Bay. He has two collections of poetry, Ay Nako: Writing Through the Struggle, and I Think in Poetry. Lorenz has co-written with Tony Santa Ana, the play, Dream Cypher, which in the spring of 2004 went in production at San Jose’s MACLA theater. He is currently involved with the organizations, The ReWrite, which focuses on building and developing the API spoken word and poetry community in the Bay Area. Lorenz continues to work on project that not only erase the limitations of his poetry, but push him to become a better person for his community.

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Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan community activist, documentary photographer and editor with Silicon Valley De-Bug. 

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There should be a LOVE button for this!!! Brought tears to my eyes and I found myself saying AMEN to that brother every two seconds...I found my lesson plan for today ;) Thanks for sharing!!!

lets work together filipino/mexicano spoken word event honoring our peopels struggles in february? september? 2012 or a or someting like "word from the global south" jean pass me his cotnact info please!? love nana

Honest writing is real and scary. Truth. It's a privilege to know you. Always inspiring.

I'm writing something right now and this, I find inspiring. Thank you for helping me by just posting this up. It is beautiful. I love the black and white and I love how you just put yourself out there naked for the world to see. You don't hide, and it is a beautiful thing. Its creative and it is.....I have no words. I must use the inspiration from this to continue to write. Thank you.

Lorenz thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us. Keep thriving friend.

Much love, Tina Sanchez

Fantastic video and interview! Damuk is inspirational and has some really sage things to say about being a writer.

thanx for this beam of light, darlin'.

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