We Speak Baylingual Music Series: M-10 Releases "The Story Begins"

Piano rifts, synths, lovely baselines, and insights on San Jose life, all through the eyes of a true hip hop storyteller.

M10 - The Seed by M10streetkid M-10 is fresh air to San Jose's hip hop scene, well hip hop in general. His debut "The Story Begins", takes you into the eyes of a San Jose native, who's just starting. M-10's 1st Single and track "The Seed", takes you into a self realization and explanation of who he is and why he is doing this music. His opening bars, "I'm justa street kid trying to get his mind right/ spent alotta times sitting on the sidelines/ peep the game that is coming out cause the times right," is letting you know what type of world you're about to enter. He calls it how he see's it and ain't going to let up. Along side with Renee, a young lady who was in the Band "Davine" with him, M-10 has brought on a few friends along the way which makes this project a must get -- hard copy and/or download-able piece of music, with multiple hits such as "The Practice" and "G.H.G.H." will be enjoyed again and again. Here are some links below for you to check out more..




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Love it, my cuddy is a very talented young man he has a lot of success coming his way

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