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“There was no reason to be good anymore”

I always knew I was queer. And when I learned what my church thought of people like me, I started making trouble.

Aaron De La Cruz - Pattern, Design, Fresh

Aaron De La Cruz is a Bay Area based artist delivering fresh new work that continues to inspire. http://aarondelacruz.com

Youth Are Killed, And Where is the Outrage and Call for Accountability?

In the wake of the death of a five-year-old boy in Oakland, writer and youth worker Hector Gonzalez wonders why youth activism is not holding the community more accountable.

The Art of War, and Work, at a Palo Alto Golf Course

As I sit in my golf cart unwavering, focused on “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, I am snapped back into reality. The reality of Palo Alto, California. The median household income in Palo Alto is $118,989. Mean housing prices were $922,616. BMWs and Audi’s roll ...

Chat Roulette: Gambling with Love, Loneliness, and a Whole lot of Naked

When Cesar told his sister Stephanie that he met a "Tahitian girl" on the internet, she began her investigation into this international chatting experience.

Soda is Like Crack

Richmond Pulse reporter Taisa Grant wrote the following piece based on a report released by the Contra Costa County health department, which breaks down the health impact of sugar-sweetened beverages and why the issue is of particular importance to the City of Richmond.

Green Cadre Program-Free Green Job Training For Low Income Young Adults In The South Bay

Block2Block radio host David Madrid talks with David Lovato and Juan Avila from the City of San Jose’s Green Cadre Progam. A unique program that provides free job training and assistance for low income, young adults. (18-21 years)

Commemorative Poster Art for De-Bug's Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project

An artistic rendering of De-Bug's Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project.

La Opinión Calls ICE 'Absurd' for Making S-Comm Mandatory

Editor's Note: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) anounced that the option to exit the controversial Secure Communities program will be "eliminated" and the program will become mandatory for 2013. Under the program, local police are required to share the fingerprints of all arrestees with federal immigration authorities.

Sweet Home Alabama

For many immigrants Alabama has seized to be called home, in an exodus compared only to those of a famine or a depression, the cause is due to Alabama’s anti immigration law HB 56. It is regarded as the nation's strictest anti-illegal immigration law, tougher than Arizona SB 1070.
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