When A Homie Dies, All You Can Do Is Write

A birthday letter for Young Ghost who was not only "The Beast from The East", but you could tell by the way people talk about him that their will never be another one like him. On this day he would of turned 21 years old. Daniel aka Ookie writes a letter wishing him a happy birthday.

To Demetrius Campbell,

What up Bruh??? How you doing? Me I'm good just chilling with the Fam at Debug, and Metafizix and the rest of the world. I'm here just wishing you a Happy Birthday. Look at the time, today you're 21 and we can't even go to the bar. I mean since you moved far far away. But hey, you get to go to the pearl gated bar over there and get the most heavenly aged Hennessy.

Yo Fam, I don't know if you got internet, but a couple months back E-nutt and Stevebo and a couple of your other boys came and did a video at Debug with Metafizix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTdF6l1aptA that's the link if you wanna check it out. I haven't really talked to your moms in a second, but I know Deuce aka "Society" has been keeping in touch. Its been a Cali second since you left, and at least a couple times a week something I do reminds me of you bruh. Aye, You member those times when we would be doing those word meetings in Frisco, and you would always be on the Xbox? It feels like yesterday. Or how about when we did the Zion I and Grouch show? You got it hella live, Or even when we were drinking the pumpkin spice ale out in Sonoma? Or that time downtown when we got pulled over for jay walking? Damn, we had some good times, full of laughs and clowning.

Oh yeah, I finally dropped the Crackpot Theory album, and Cola dropped a couple Ep's, with one he did with Baysicc. Manny and Noah are making videos that would make you proud. And Jerm, his beats keep getting harder and harder. Society is doing cool bruh, I could tell he misses you a lot, I mean you guys were best friends since forever and he has been putting his soul in his music since the day you left. He has been in a whole different planet in what he comes up with. You would be proud. As what I see From the Josie Bois, they constantly coming out with new material, always in with the new. Their grind is never gonna stop.

But yo bruh I'ma hafta get back to work. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday bruh. Send me a line sometime you know, and enjoy your 21st Bday.

From, Ookie

p.s C-Flo says hi

Ghost of Josie Boys from DE BUG on Vimeo.


How To Make It As A Emcee;DeBug Goes to Paid Dues Festival from DE BUG on Vimeo.

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LOL "ps cflo says hi" i love it! This was nice to read Ookie, it made me smile and start to think of the god times I had with Ghost.

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