Shamako Noble; Changing The World One Cypher At A Time

Shamako Noble is known as the "Sword of the West", a San Jose Hip Hop Veteran, Activist and Coordinator of HHC (Hip Hop Congress).

"Got Spit" Memorable quote-"We could get Cellular, or get molecular/ we could get spiritual, or could be secular/ we could be general, or be particular/ no matter what we are i could promise i'd be the bigger sir/" Video Directed by Shamako and Dirty Nate "Ill" Directed by Lalo Zerfovski, Shamako Noble, Dirty N8 2011. "Ill" is an Intense baseline mixed with smooth intelligent flows and and what you get is Shamako, Sean Blak and Pacoe "Grindtime presents:Joe cutter vs Shamako Noble" Grindtime is a Battle Rap event/show, in where 2 artist's compete with rhythm, skill, and crowd control, by humiliating one another in 3 rounds. In one of the most recent Grindtime battles, Shamako and Joe Cutter duke it out verbally through punchlines more in your face then your jaw. Check out the battle and let us know who you think won.


Shamako Noble is a Good Artist who has been in the game since a very young age. He believes that community is and has to be apart of your everyday living, and he pushes it into his music on the daily. He is an intellectual emcee which in today's Hip Hop is not seen, or looked upon in the mainstream pop of today. He has traveled the globe and is as humble as he is a comedian, always joking having a good time. But still finishes the work when it is needed to be done. If you like what you heard or seen, here are some links below...

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