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5 Tips For Queer Boys

San Jose Poet/Artist/Activist and East Side's Queer Extraordinaire Yosimar Reyes gives his 5 tips for queer boys (with art from artist/activist Julio Salgado currently running a project called UndocuQueer.)

The Corazon Project: The Heart of East San Jose

Block2Block radio host David Madrid talks with East Side Heroes founder Enrique Flores and South Bay Film maker Daniel Osorio about the “Corazon Project” an effort to engage East San Jose youth in mural projects, mentoring and bringing peace to the Overfelt neighborhood.

The Silicon Valley Story As Told by Immigrant Elders -- Video Preview

The following video previews several upcoming mini-documentaries on immigrant elders living in Silicon Valley. The project is part of a larger multimedia endeavor chronicling the story of arrival and becoming by immigrants in the region.

East Palo Alto to Facebook: Friend Request Denied

As Silicon Valley celebrates the expansion of the Facebook campus, East Palo Alto residents, like organizer Anna Turner pictured here, are voicing concerns of displacement.

"Water Writes" Mural Project In Gaza

The Maia Mural Brigade brought artists from The Estria Foundation's Water Writes Project and The Break the Silence Mural Project to travel to Palestine and collaborate with local artists on the creation of public murals depicting local water conditions. New America Media, News Report, Text: Nancy Hernandez//Video: Josue Rojas.

Felipe Vazquez aka Newark Califaz Mini Doc

This is a mini doc on photographer Felipe Vazquez and his love of photography as well as the barrio lifestyle he has showcased to the world.

The Aztec of The City

Block2Block radio host David Madrid talks with Chicano comic book creator Fernando Rodriguez about his latest release of “Aztec of The City” one of America’s first and only Chicano/Latino super heroes, originating out of San Jose.

Jeremy Lin and Bruce Lee

An Asian-American baller wonders if Linsanity will mark the introduction of more Jeremy Lin like basketball stars.

POW WOW Hawai’i 2012

Pow Wow 2012 is once again being held in Hawai'i, bringing artist together from all over the world, including several from the Bay Area including two from San José.

Dem-One LIVE @ The Pagoda Lounge

The Life and Times of DEM ONE- Hip Hop artist, father, husband, and social entrepreneur. This is a live recording of his set this past Thursday at The Pagoda Lounge opening up at the Ungrammar event put on by Thomas Ramon Aguilar. Other artists featured that night were Anya & The Get Down + Talib Kweli & Res as Idle Warship.
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