5 Tips For Queer Boys

San Jose Poet/Artist/Activist and East Side's Queer Extraordinaire Yosimar Reyes gives his 5 tips for queer boys (with art from artist/activist Julio Salgado currently running a project called UndocuQueer.)

1. Know that you have been conditioned to hate every fiber of your being through a history that has demonized your spirit but before times like these you were celebrated and honored. Your spirit was seen as something beautifully created by a higher power.


2.You will be sexualized as a person and because of it you will be thrown into a scene where hyper sexuality will be something highly promoted so remember to not get lost in all the noise and lights because once the music dies you will be forced to listen to the beat in your heart in absolute darkness.


3. Don’t act on insecurities. Oppression will lead you to believe that we are men and because of it predatory and patriarchal sex is something that we embody. This is False. Violence comes in many forms and often times we are the perpetuators of our own demise.


4.Shit is bigger then sex and sexuality. You will be forced to examine life through a multi dimensional consciousness and come to an understanding that you are an intersection of things, a complex being that embodies many struggles beyond borders and gay marriage.


5. Find your purpose and know that it is not your duty to educate folks about your being but to stand your ground and command the respect you deserve. After all you are in this earth for a reason and granted a voice to speak your truth. No one can tell you what path to walk because only you see what lies ahead.

* In the end love yourself and know that just by doing that you are creating a revolution and writing a new narrative ♥


UndocuQueer is an art project in conjunction with the Undocumented Queer Youth Collective and the Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP) that aims to give us undocumented queers more of a presence in the discussion of migrant rights.
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