Hip Hop Congress Partners With Women's Economic Agenda Project and the World Courts of Women

New Partnership in the works to utilize Hip Hop and Urban Culture as a tool to empower leaders who are creating educational, economic, social, spiritual and political change.

Hip Hop Congress is proud to announce its endorsement of and partnership with the Women’s Economic Agenda Project of the Western Region World Courts of Women on Poverty. The event will be hosted at Laney College May 10-May 13th. The World Courts of Women were founded in the early to mid 1990's. To this date, there have been over 37 of them hosted throughout the World in places like India, South Africa, China and various other international locations. This is the first World Courts of Women ever to be hosted in the United States in the historical city of Oakland. The purpose of the WCW is to advance the “vision and principles of the right to economic justice as a means to end violence against women and the poor.” The mission of Hip Hop Congress is to utilize Hip Hop and Urban Culture as a tool to empower leaders who are creating educational, economic, social, spiritual and political change.

Co-Founder & National Director of Hip Hop Congress & South Bay, RonDavoux Records(RDV) Artist, Shamako Noble said of this partnership, “We are proud and honored to be part of this historical moment in History. To be a part of something so internationally recognized as it’s entering the US in a city with a legacy that cover the Black Panthers, Anti-War Work, Media and Youth Justice, Civil Rights and of course a rich history of Hip Hop in every element is an amazing opportunity.” With the tremendous increase in layoffs, unemployment and underemployment, it becomes more and more clear that concrete steps must be taken in order to ensure the safety and security of families living in the US. Structural poverty places people at higher risk of being victimized by crime and physical violence in this country. This violence is also being enacted in our communities each time a new incinerator is built in a poor neighborhood. It is apparent when industrialized agriculture sprays cancer causing pesticides in a field that is worked by poor migrant workers. This violence impacts us in the each uranium mine that is brought onto Native American lands causing deadly birth defects and diseases.

Executive Director of W.E.A.P, Ethel-Long Scott stated that, “We know that Occupy has helped make very urgent and real the concerns that people in the United States have with the direction of our economy and government. What we are proposing is a focused looked at that and the impact is has on the mothers, daughters and sisters of our community, along with the men, children and general community. What we need now is a vision for the future. We need clarity on our challenges, and visionary approaches to addressing those challenges in a cooperative way.” Hip Hop Congress and the Women’s Economic Agenda project have been working with each other for over 5 years via the International Coalition of the Poor People’s Economic Human Right’s Campaign.

National Outreach Coordinator of Hip Hop Congress, East Bay Rapper and President of RonDaVoux Records, DLabrie states, "The Bay Area is a mecca for independent artists, progressive education, and diverse activists from all over the world. With dynamic & effective movements like the Oscar Grant rebellions, Occupy Wall street & Immigration Reform, we expect a lot of community involvement, we want everyone to bring something to the table and benefit from this event" This was echoed by Hip Hop Congress West Coast Regional Coordinator and S.F. Peninsula RDV Artist, Rahman Jamaal, “We knew from the very beginning that this was where we should be. And even though Hip Hop is often seen as male dominated, the contribution and importance of women to this culture cannot be denied.”

About Shamako Noble

Shamako Noble is an organizer, political commentator, and MC. He is the co-founder of Hip Hop Congress.

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Can't wait to join this movement on Sat May 12th, 2012.

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