Hip Hop Chess Federation Brings Disciplines and Community Together in San Jose

This weekend the Hip Hop Chess Federation hosted it's 5th Anniversary celebration at Alum Rock Youth Center. The event was a complete success. Walking into the venue, one would see children at chess boards with proud parents hovering in the wings. Many members of the San Jose Hip Hop community were in attendance, and the event hosted a youth Jiu-Jitsu demonstration. This demonstration was led by Gumby, the founder of heroes. Earlier in the day, the event held a non-violence panel which was pack fully to the door. It was essentially standing room only. And without a doubt, one has to consider a packed panel on non-violence successful.

Families were in full effect on this day. Asheru, the man responsible for the Boondocks theme song introduced his curriculum H.E.L.P. (Hip Hop Educational Lyrics Program). The chess tournament was also very well attended. Well over 30 youth participated in tournament. At the end, the youth were presented with trophies and prizes. The event ran from 10-4, and the please crowd lingered for sometime after, asking in a sense a family and community that was fostered by the unexpected intersection of Hip Hop, Chess and Martial Arts. Congratulations HHCF! 
Following this event, HHCF founder was featured in Forbes magazine. You can find that link here: 


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