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Articles Published on March 1, 2012

Study Shows Latinos Save Less for Retirement

A new survey by ING Retirement Research Institute echoes other findings showing that Latinos tend to save less than other ethnic groups for retirement.

Rare Metals

A poem by a San Jose author and poet on economic justice.

Building Brighter Futures Through The Arts

Future Arts Now held its open house event at the Edenvale Community Center in the city of San Jose on February 23rd, 2012. Future Arts Now invited the community to come check out their new home, there was a brief presentation about the mission of Future Arts Now and performances by the youth and staff.

“foi o axe”

Malcolm writes about the meaning of the Brazilian saying "foi o axe", "it was the ashe" from his Capoiera teacher.

“I had only two pairs of clothes.”

Mansi's parents immigrated here from India, her parents began their life with next to nothing telling her, "I had only two pairs of clothes".
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