We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: "Update" from the The Devil's Advocate

"UPDATE" is Cola's first video out of his project Devil's Advocate "Frankly Speakin". From the intro all the way to the outro, Cola has created an album of life lessons and comical mischief creating what will be seen as a piece of art. The Devil's Advocate is here.

Cola's first video off the Album Devil's Advocate

Done in Stevebo vision

This video was recorded on March 19th and finished edited on the 20th.



It has just begun, a piece of lifetime experiences placed into one big massive 20 song album. The Devil's Advocate ranges from genuine rap fan's bad addiction for lyrical manslaughter caught in a microphone recorder. All the way to the funky rifts and beats that make you want to get up and just bounce to the music. Cola is one of those multi-syllable, quote repeatable, concept defying, with reckless rhythmic rhyme schemes type of artist. This album has a few features from Artist's like the Demon Within YDMC, to Community Activist Producer Malcolm Lee, to commercial appeal of Kash wit-a K, to a Feature of the Late Yung Ghost of Josie Bois... and many more... But before I start going overboard with this album, check it out for yourself...

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