We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: "A Deep Rooted Insight"

This song is about the the elders in our community who traveled from their home country to this country we call home.

Three MC's from San Jose create beautiful imagery while using poetry about immigrant communities they are apart of. The song is an expression of their views on their families ancestry, social dynamics between the elders and the youth, and the travel itself to enter a new world where a dollar is the dream.

Produced by Malcolm-Lee // Lyrics written by Malcolm-Lee // Cola of Metafizix //Ookie of Baylingual.

This piece is part of an on going multimedia series called "Arriving and Becoming: The Silicon Valley Story as Told by Immigrant Elders", supported by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation's Immigrant Integration in Silicon Valley project.

photo by: Jesus Medina

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Fernando J. Perez is a video journalist and a digital media instructor at Silicon Valley De-Bug.  

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