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Articles Published in April, 2012

“The world needs a little bit of everything, even a kingpin.”

As part of De-Bug's series covering the experience of immigrant elders, Adrian Avila tells the story of a former kingpin that he came across and the positive inspiration that came from what one would call a "bad guy".

Korean Americans Look Inward After Oakland Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO -- The shooting that killed seven at a private Christian university in Oakland would never have happened in Korea, where owning a firearm is outlawed. That at least is the assessment of community members who point to America’s own thriving gun culture as a causal factor in this and other incidents.

We Speak Baylingual Music Series: "Livin' West: Tha Street Album"

A brand new album by the collaboration efforts of "Tha Word", this album took many months to produce and create a solid sound of pure Lyricism alongside beats that were produced by Noah Boa and DJ Jerm.

A Trend Toward Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Choice Laws

The states that moved to crack down on immigrants last year were the same states that enacted new restrictions on abortion.

For Trayvon Martin And America, Justice Hinges on Two Words: "Prosecutorial Discretion"

The missing piece from the national attention on the tragedy of Trayvon Martin is the role of the prosecutor, and the enormous authority they have in any potential case to determine if a criminal act has, or has not, occurred.

"I Can't Die Here"

As part of an on going multimedia series called "Arriving and Becoming: The Silicon Valley Story as Told by Immigrant Elders", Octavio Martinez tells the story of hearing his mother talk about coming to America to work hard in hopes to return to her homeland saying, "I can't die here."

ICE Slow to Embrace Alternatives to Immigrant Detention

The new Texas immigrant detention center may be more "humane," but there are less costly, more effective alternatives to detention.

"You Should Buy Both" -- A Mexican Mother's Words to Her American Daughter

As part of a multimedia series called "Arriving and Becoming: The Silicon Valley Story as Told by Immigrant Elders", Stephanie Flores tells the story of struggle and happiness of her mother through a powerful photo essay and a moment of shopping.

Restless in Heaven - A Poem for Trayvon Martin and Other Victims of Senseless Violence

San Jose poet Miguel Gonzales reads a poem in dedication to Trayvon Martin and other young men of color who's lives were unjustifiably cut short. Photos by Charisse Domingo, taken at a San Jose rally in support of Trayvon Martin.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Whats the Equation of Life at 21?

This week there has been a good amount of music that was released by local artists all over San Jose. So welcome to the 1st weekly weekend music tribute done by your host Baylingual.
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