We Speak Baylingual Music Series: Why the Tupac Hologram Hurts Hip Hop

Alot of people celebrated the Tupac hologram that made its appearance at this last Coachella music festival, but it was outrageous to me.


Tight Right? Wrong. Sorry to say that, but I am against this for a multiple reasons. Ok before I say anything else, ask yourself this: Do you think Tupac would have given his image away to be used, to be exploited for money? I doubt he would have wanted that. Now I know some of you are going to get offended right now, saying stuff like "How would you know? Tupac loved his fans how do you know he gonna be exploited?" I know, but then again we will never know.

But think about it, it must a been an eyeopener, to see Tupac just show up outta no where. The room gets pitch black and then wham-o, Tupac talking to Dre and Snoop saying "What's up Coachella." Now, don't get me wrong it was cool at first, until I thought about it. And then the concept seemed disgusting to me. Cause now in the industry if you have enough money, what stops a rapper that really ain't a good artist, to perform side by side with Pac? He's a legend, and that needs to be respected. Can you imagine Mac Miller perform with Pac? Justin Beiber with Biggie? Lil B and Mac Dre? Altogether its a bad idea.

So now you can maybe vibe with my view, you wanna see where the exploitation part comes in? One word: "Tour." Guaranteed if one does go down, it is gonna be a big money maker, since it's already getting millions of views virally.Tell the truth, I'm not gonna lie I know alot of people would pay to see it. But its bad for us independent artists, cause people aren't gonna give the chance to us. If they could see Pac for the fraction of the price why would someone wanna see local talent, when they can see Pac, Nate Dogg, Biggie. Where will this take us as artists and fans of hip hop?

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A great point Ookie. If it works at this level, it should work on every level . Its a virtual reality. They can bring back the dead? What can't they do?

Well its like this.... Tupac was Tuac. That Tupac Hologram is a Tupac HOLOGRAM. So what people are paying for is the image and marvel of seeing something technologically innovative. A real spectacle. They will never be seeing the real Tupac though, of course. That's just preposterous. Am I against or for it? Nah, I don't really care. They can bring out UFOs, midgets AND even Che Guevara with Pac for all I care. Will I pay to see it? NO!

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