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A Day in Immigration Court with a 14-Year Old Defendant Facing Deportation

This is a photo of ACJP De-Bug’s youngest member — only 14 years old, who had an immigration court proceeding today in San Francisco. He’s been coming to our weekly meetings for months now with his family and we’ve grown to know and love his quiet strength.

The Top 10 Dark Lords of Cinema

As new super-hero focused fill up the box offices, Christopher Patrick Nelson reminds us to never forget about the villians.

SJ Mayday! (Tweets and Pics from the San Jose Community)

May 1st, 2012, San Jose, CA. - De-Bug marched with families and workers on Mayday. We also took pictures, tweeted, and people to do the same using the hashtag SJMayday. This is a collection of tweets and pics from folks using the hashtag, memorialized the march.

"I Just Gave You the World"

Photographer and author Tiburon tells one of his childhood stories, remembering an Indian ice cream vendor who would come to his neighborhood. Along the way they formed a connection through similarities of their original homelands of Mexico and India.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Apr 30th 2012 - May 5th 2012

This week in music is fascinating, we got a good outcome for this week of Apr. 30th to May 5th. From Mob music, to Poetry, to Lyrical Discipline, to even a Reggae sounding, this week is one of the most diverse weeks I have ever came into contact with. Enjoy...

Take Back Our Criminal Justice System, Use Jury Nullification

Aram James, former Public Defender, points out one rarely discussed legal right given to juries when they feel application of the law does not meet a true standard of fairness or justice.

When "Hella" and "Y'all" Meet: De-Bug Connects with Rio Grande Community Along the Border

De-Bug traveled to the US/Mexico border to connect with organizations working in the Rio Grande Valley. Here is a collection of tweets, instagram shots, facebook posts and youtube uploads chronicling the amazing work being done in an area where the communities pre-date the demarcations of national boundries.

How a Handful of Cartoonists Empowered Generations of Latin Americans

Mexican cartoonists Rius, Feggo, and El Fisgón use their art to expose hidden truths about society.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: 05/06/12-05/12/12

This week I will bring you to some re-ups on folks from the past couple round-ups, who keep grinding an making new music. I will also bring you to an older song by one of San Jose's top grinders, who really has a good taste in storytelling. So welcome back to another week in Hip Hop History making music.

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Vote to Build New Jail

Rather then attempt to reduce incarceration rates, San Mateo County decides to build more space for incarceration.
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