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School'n the Schools- Media Contest

Check out our youth media contest. Youth 13-18 years old here is you chance to let your school know your needs for a greater education. Also you could win an iPad 2.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: What time is it?

A brief look at the 2nd album of the San Jose based, spoken word, lyrical, skater, urban, herbal, rhythmical sensation duo, known as Metafizix.

Hoopa Rez: Ground Zero for Ever-Expanding Meth Economy

Residents of the Hoopa Indian Reservation in northern California say meth use, a by-product of the tribe's past, is clouding its future.

The Long Awaited Tour Through IQ's Soundlab

IQ's Soundlab joins mathematic rhymes with scientific beats to create a Hip Hop album that whn listened too is like one cohesive tour through the work of MC/Producer IQ. Each track off this album is like a chapter, all of them having there own intent withink the overall purpose of the album. A must listen.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Producer Malcolm Lee Releases "The Vibes"

A masterpiece of rhythm, a new awakening to producers everywhere, with the smooth patterns of the drums and synths -- Malcolm Lee you have created what I, and many Hip Hop enthusiast's would like to call an "eargasm".

Bay Area Legal Leaders Move on From Their Posts

The heads of three of the most important, yet rarely talked about, legal institutions in the Bay Area are moving on. Author Raj Jayadev says the measure of their work can be found in the partnerships they formed with the communities they served.

Dregs One - "Letter to the President"

Local Video Director, Harold Bell aka Haroldinho produced this video for San Francisco based hip-hop artist Dregs One off his debut album "The Wake Up Call".


Photographer TiburonFB takes to the streets as SubZero in San Jose takes place to capture the people and events.

Music Video: Quakers ft. Dave Dub "My Mantra"

Long time De-Bug writer Amadaeus Aka Buddha Christ Mohammed Ra Aka Jerome Davis directed this work for Quakers on Stones Throw Records. Quakers is a product of Mastermind Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Producer Kayalyst of Invada Records with San Jose's own Dave Dub and Peanut Butter Wolf.

"Why am I Ignored?" From The Bad Guy Poet

Poetry by Baylingual, intro to his upcoming album called "Y am I ignored?"
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