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A brief look at the 2nd album of the San Jose based, spoken word, lyrical, skater, urban, herbal, rhythmical sensation duo, known as Metafizix.




This Album has got to be one of my favorite albums I have heard all year. And not because I know the guys, cause honestly I don't bump my folks music like that. But because I had the chance to really zone in on what they were saying, and the jazz based, old school sounding, performance killing songs of real life. Society's "Passionate" track is worthy of being called a classic by the storytelling he displays about his journey, to be the person you see today.

With himself talking back and forth to the sample. Cola on the other hand, has the rhyme scheme of a syllable Messiah breakdown that breaks down lyrics by exact tempos. For example on "Location Location" second verse, he says, "You might see me on the 22 Bus route/ headed south moving through the crowd in a Dust Cloud/ I'm thinking what now? moving down this path I'm on/ a rapid vagabond through my bags upon a mastadon to pass alongs."Together the duo make an album worthy to be bumped again and again with enchanted heart felt tracks such as "On My Mind", to comical back and forth verse sharing styles like "What It Be" ft Malcolm Lee. A whole broad range of producer's like Malcolm Lee, Vino Beats of Nabla Music, Smoove Anthem, and others. Click on the link below


Check out the Double Feature Music Video below:

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