The Long Awaited Tour Through IQ's Soundlab

IQ's Soundlab joins mathematic rhymes with scientific beats to create a Hip Hop album that whn listened too is like one cohesive tour through the work of MC/Producer IQ. Each track off this album is like a chapter, all of them having there own intent withink the overall purpose of the album. A must listen.

This 10 track album is an up close and personal tour through the heart of local MC IQ's soundlab. In sequence the album subtley guides you through an array of Hip Hop rhythms, soulfull tones, and boom-bap breaks all smoothed out with rhyme schemes which can be compared to no other than IQ himself. Although producers Dranal and Malcolm Lee contributed lighly to the album a majority of the tracks are produced by IQ, making the overall album a true look into him as an MC as well as producer. The overall range of the album was expressed through the single "See Fore." Featuring Ghambit the range between the two MC's compliment dynamic shift of the beat as the song progresses. This album has been well awaited throughout the South Bay Hip Hop community and the time and love that has been put into it by IQ is finally out for you. Download it and enjoy. PEACE

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