"Why am I Ignored?" From The Bad Guy Poet

Poetry by Baylingual, intro to his upcoming album called "Y am I ignored?"

I hate having to pay bills for P.O.'s that treat me like they are babysitting me..

I'm tired of waking up tired with only a couple hours of sleep..

I hate having to go and pay for my school when i can't afford school..

I'm tired of biting my tongue on certain shitty situations and trying to stay cool...

I hate having to run from the cops when they say I'm out of order when they are out of order..

I hate how i have to sometimes have my girl pay for what i ordered..

I'm tired of people saying I'm a horrible person..

I'm tired of not being at times a strong enough person..

I hate having a felony..

I hate not being able to hit it whenever I catch the smell of weed..

I'm tired of pursuing anything I do with so much momentum to get slammed face first into a wall...

I'm tired of god not passing me the ball..

I hate not being able to afford a meal...

I hate how I have to go all around town and promote, and all I see is my flyer on the floor for real..

I hate feeling like I constantly have to watch where I'm going, like I'm walking on eggshells...

I hate where I'm at so much, that I tear up whenever I remember how much of a failure I am with a bed smell..

I'm tired of not having extra clothes to change in..

I'm tired of fools hollering at my girl thinking i won't twist their necks in..

I'm tired of not making it..

I hate how i havent made it.. I hate the struggle...

I'm tired of being in the struggle so long, that the only way out of it is to pop the bubble..

I hate how i can't just grab a strap and blow my head off..

I hate not being able to afford the strap that would let me blow my head off..

This life should be at the bottom of the bay for real..

I guess the bad guy isn't that bad cause at the end he ends up dead with none of this bullshit to deal..

About Baylingual

Baylingual is a San Jose Photographer, Youth Organizer, Video Producer, Journalist, and commentator of De-Bug. He posts local music releases on this site called "We Speak Baylingual Music Blog". He is also in the works on a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Chopping Game'. 

Write him at: baylingual@yahoo.com

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