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A Crash Course in Piracy - Info graphic

A nicely done info graphic on how piracy in the entertainment industry may not have as big as effect as we have been lead to believe. Take a look.

Why the Anaheim Police Killings Should be of National Concern

Police killings in Anaheim, California sparked local community protests, which were met with K-9 dogs and rubber bullets by police. An anonymous commentator says the Anaheim incidents is a national issue.

Raise the Wage Video Series - Elisha

This video features CAFE-J member Elisha St. Laurant, who has helped organize to put the proposal to raise San Jose's minimum wage to 10.00 an hour on the ballot. Elisha, a single mother, makes the case as to why poverty should not be tolerated in Silicon Valley. Video produced by Cesar Flores and Earvin Villaflor. Learn more about the campaign at: raisethewagesj.com.

Fusion Makes The World Go Round - Sam Rodriguez solo show at Cukui

A video re-cap of the opening night of Sam Rodriguez solo art show at the San Jose based store Cukui.

MADLines Gets It In On Being An Emcee

MAD lines is a writer, rhymer, teacher, grad student and critical thinker. She hails from Seattle and currently lives and works in Oakland. Follow her on Twitter @MAD_lines.

STOP DEPORTING YOUTH: Multimedia Coverage of Campaign Kick-off in San Mateo County

Recently, San Mateo County Coalition for Immigrant Rights held a county wide forum to urge decision-makers to stop reporting youth to ICE. More than 250 people attended. Below is a compilation of original and mainstream media coverage.

Schoolin' The Schools Media Contest

Schoolin' The Schools Media Contest has dropped! DeBug wants you to turn in your video, song//spoken word, poster art on: Your Vision on How Silicon Valley Schools Could Better Serve, Prepare and Inspire Students

Back Home With a Harley — One ACJP Member’s Vision of Justice Comes True

We first met Benny when he had a homemade sign that read, "Need a Lawyer." He became one of our first civil court victories, and is now living his dream.

Prop. 34 Would End Calif. Death Penalty

A report that the death penalty cost California $4 billion, plus increasing exonerations have built support in the fall election to end executions.

Guide to Cleansing - Infographic

Feel a bit slow or like you just need a good cleansing? Here is a great infographic that will assist you in the cleansing process.
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