MADLines Gets It In On Being An Emcee

MAD lines is a writer, rhymer, teacher, grad student and critical thinker. She hails from Seattle and currently lives and works in Oakland. Follow her on Twitter @MAD_lines.

MADLines Gets It In On Being An Emcee from SV De-Bug on Vimeo.


MADlines combines witty rhymes with off the wall wordplay, and her sultry voice is sure to keep ears buzzing for days. She creates music to uplift the culture, infused with truths--she literally lives by the Lauryn Hill quote: “music is supposed to inspire.” With over six years of performance experience, MADlines knows how to rock any stage and is poised to make her mark in the studio as well. For More of her music check her out at;

About Jean Melesaine

Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan community activist, documentary photographer and editor with Silicon Valley De-Bug. 

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