KAL releases his mix-tape titled "9 Songs"

The Bay Area has a new hip hop artist in town, all the way from Queens, New York. Introducing "KaL", his latest mix-tape released this year is titled "9 Songs".

We got an early preview of up and coming artist  Kal. An energetic emcee from Queens, NY who moved to the Bay Area a year ago, his flow carries deep concepts that will definately make you push repeat. The true meaning of his mix-tape can be summed up only after listening to it a few times, and each track will surely reveal something new each time you hear it.  Listen carefully to the content of his lyrics, they tell stories.

For the "9 Songs" mix-tape, KaL challenged himself to complete the project in 2 days, he wrote all 9 songs and started recording as soon as he put down his pen. KaL was very eager to release the mix-tape as soon as possible, "it was definitely an artistic accomplishment collaborating with KRZZ from New York on the mixing and mastering". The exact time it took to release the entire album was 2 weeks, but all of the work he said took him approximately 2 days.

The "9 Songs" mix-tape is his fourth major release. His most recent album titled CRF was released in 2012. After the CRF project KaL stopped producing music for a short period, but he is back and collaborating with bay area artists. The beats on this mix-tape are produced by Ratatat, a sound that can be categorized as electro hip hop. You might be wondering why there are only 7 songs on an album called "9 Songs", but KaL wanted to do a special release of those two tracks in the near future as a bonus.

Some of the concepts on this mix-tape are abstract, or talk about the music industry, his life, and society. KaL is young in age, but mature as an artist, be on the lookout for a new song called "Clowns in Colorado".

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