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This Week in Hip Hop has been very special since Ookie has been searching and looking around for some new music, that alot of people have not heard. So kickback chill and tune in to OokBug's Playlist of the week.

My 1st choice of the week is Rey Ressurreccion and he is back this time bringing along with him Anya on the hook with Nima Fadavi on the production. Rey Res was recently on tour alongside Hieroglyphics, so you know he's putting it down for San Jose, making big moves.


My 2nd choice of the week is an electro DJ,he goes by the name "Zero Excuse" and he brought a friend in the mix by the name of "Guilty Silence". Together they bring you a good blend of electro for your ear with a sample that goes perfect and makes you wanna break your neck.


Merc Matua omg!!!!!! probably one of my favorite producers of all time. Not because he made beats for me, Ydmc, A-Dough, Aftah Sum, and a few others. But mainly because dude got so much talent, that it is hard to see him not be able to make it. He is multi stylistic, but his real love is a west coast sound.


This Video is so fresh, it reminded me of waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth lol. But foreal though, this video has some amazing visuals, and the Lyrics that "Bless" blesses your ear which are amazing with the flow pattern. I don't give too much props to artist but I think "Bless" Deserves a chance to be listened to.

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