Arriving And Becoming Postcards Around The World

DeBug has put together a crew we like to call the "Arriving and Becoming" crew. Exploring the immigration stories of elders from all over the world only to be met here in San Jose, California.

The Arriving and Becoming crew took photos of what brings immigrant elders back to their homelands. Here are postcards ranging from Pueblo, India, Ethiopia that bring people back to their homelands with what they have brought to America. Check out the photos from Stef Flores, Jesus Medina, Cesar Flores, Mansi Shah and Malcolm Halcrombe.

If you know someone who would wants to participate in "Arriving and Becoming Around The World" please send a email to and we will send you a pack of the postcards to send to love ones. All we ask in return is the photo of the person with the postcard in their hand.

For more info and articles from the Arriving and Becoming Crew click on the link

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