We Speak Baylingual Music Blog:Oakland ish, and San Jo spitz

This week we headed from San Jose to Oakland, crossing the bridge to Frisco then flying to Texas. So check out this weeks playlist by Ookie of Baylingual on a LiveWest hype.

YoungBothagreat is an artist from Oakland, with a style that is smooth. On top of being a smooth lyricist, Bo produced this beat also. He can sing, Rap, Produce, man that is what you call a triple threat in the hip hop game. This is his 1st song that he has released on his upcoming project. So check Bo out, and find him on Facebook and twitter.


Snow the product has made her style through fast pace spits. She seems to just gun it and flow in a manner where you notice every syllable in a clean fashion. Besides being a female in a game dominated by male artistry, she holds her own and lays feces to these female artist on the radio. So check snow out in her intro song to her up an coming mixtape.


Mextape has his own flow and does his thang in a bilingual, positive, having fun, party mindset. He is just him so check bro out in his song "Dia De Gloria Brazil".


Dregs one had just went old school with this song. He took some old school synths, an old school flow, and sounds like he had fun with it. That's the type of Hip Hop that is meant to be heard and cruised to. So without me talking too much on this man, so check him out.


Ocalaholics Krew, I remember meeting them back when we did Afton shows. And back then they were tight in my book. It's always good to see artist grow. So check the Krew out cause you will be a fan with them after this music video.

About Baylingual

Baylingual is a San Jose Photographer, Youth Organizer, Video Producer, Journalist, and commentator of De-Bug. He posts local music releases on this site called "We Speak Baylingual Music Blog". He is also in the works on a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Chopping Game'. 

Write him at: baylingual@yahoo.com

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