Community Leader Elvira Zayas Released

A victory for family and loved ones who have fought and supported the release of Elvira Zayas for the last 3 weeks. Arrested on charges that were up to 10 years max, Zayas was released on Tuesday night at 9:30pm and reunited with family and community yesterday. Photos are taken by Elvira's older brother Alex Zayas and Jean Melesaine.

Elvira reunites with her niece Jayla.

       Elviras older brother waiting on the step with Jayla at his home.


 Elviras sister in law who is awaiting for Elvira's brother Julio to also be released and reunited with his daughter Jayla.

                          Some of the community organizers who helped with Elvira's release

Mama Elvira and baby Elvira continuingly standing strong and still fighting for their son/brother Julio to be released on false charges as well.

About Jean Melesaine

Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan community activist, documentary photographer and editor with Silicon Valley De-Bug. 

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Truly an amazing day yesterday....Elvira is such a family oriented person and beautiful inside & out....major props to you and the're a fighter and you've made an impact in my life as well as LYRIC....much love Elvira Zayas!!!!

Cali Swagg Xoxoxoxoxoxo

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