Birmingham's Women of Power

Earlier this year De-Bug had the opportunity to travel to the home of The Civil Rights Movement; Birmingham, Alabama and build with Birmingham's "Women of Power" an incredible group transforming lives in the South that is growing into a national network.


The first day in Birmingham we met Debra Williams and her two daughters, Destiny and Gabby, and their friend Tiara. Debra is one of the co-founder of 2 Women of Power, along with the late Carol Burton. She explained to De-Bug the sole purpose of Women of Power is to empower, enrich and support others into having the best life possible. We worked with them to create multimedia platforms to broaden the reach of their work. Check out their blog at:!


Spending time with Brenda and the other women in Birmingham you can see the need for an empowerment program especially in the home of the Civil Rights Movement.

Debra and her daughter Gabby sitting through a media training with DeBug.

Debra explains, "To experience one of these seminars is a journey you won’t soon forget. Women of Power will introduce you to techniques and coping skills that will assist you in starting a progression of life work. When embraced this work will prove to be a positive and valuable asset to your life for years to come.  By enhancing the spiritual, emotional and physical these seminars allow you to engage in a process that will captivate your life"

Dropping off Tiara at her home in Forest Hill Projects as she shows us the tattoo of her grandmother Madea.

Currently Debra and the girls are all working on social networks for "Women of Power". She's even set up a website currently still in process "". We're excited to see the growth of Birminghams "Women of Power" reach out of Birmingham, Forest Hill Projects, or possibly California.

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