We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: "I Am An UnderDog" (NEW MUSIC COLA)

This week in Hip Hop has been an Underdog week. Cola of Metafizix dropped a mixtape that showcases his graduation into a songwriter.

What a day it was to see! Cola of Metafizix dropped a mixtape on 9-23, and with little guest collaborators, it let the listener (me) get a chance to hear what he was going for. He went with the whole "underdog theme" and took it to a whole new level. Underdog theme? You may ask. Well, according to Cola, in his song "Black & Milds 2 Cubans," he says, "But on some real shit, the underdog is never expected to come back/ but when we do, the people love that/ So I'm a work my hardest every season/ So I can prove to ya'll that I'm someone you can believe in." Some powerful words... I also can't speak of powerful without talking about a particular song on here that I believe to be the most powerful: "No Regrets," featuring the homegirl Karissa. This smooth sample synth remake of a George Michael song takes you on a journey through deep storytelling of love's past. But the hardest part of the whole mixtape has to be the intro song, "One Day" where he has a real life guitar being played. Overall, for this mixtape, I give it 2 thumbs up. So check it out for yourself, and share it amongst all your folks. Peace.

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Baylingual is a San Jose Photographer, Youth Organizer, Video Producer, Journalist, and commentator of De-Bug. He posts local music releases on this site called "We Speak Baylingual Music Blog". He is also in the works on a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Chopping Game'. 

Write him at: baylingual@yahoo.com

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