Local Community College Hopes For Prop 30

Nevin Sarina, a student attending De Anza Community College tells us why Proposition 30 on this year's ballot can either make or break education for the state of California.

De Anza College exists as one of the finest, most prestigious community colleges in the country.  Our faculty, students and college strive to be the best in varied areas and in many capacities.  All of us here believe and value public education.  That is part of our purpose at an institute of higher education.

The past seven years have weakened our fine institution.  This college exists for the students.  Keeping this in mind, and with knowledge of the severity of the cuts to Student Services, we should acknowledge the impact that students will already face next year.  We must all be willing to sacrifice together for the students, for without them we do not have a purpose.  We all struggle like a bull bleeding to death in a matador’s arena.

I know many faculty, students, and people that regularly struggle with fear, uncertainty, helplessness.  Some have done so, off and on, for several years.  In a place that encourages dreams, passion, hope and compassion, this contrary and profound tragedy exists for friends, coworkers, parents, families and over 2,000,000 Community College students.  So many of us dance with the matador.

Our grief, despair and anger felt is natural.  Our complacence, apathy and paralysis is not.  The bull always fights for survival.  How are we fighting?  The matador’s life is always in danger.  Our matador needs to feel in danger.  Or we will succumb and be slowly diminished.

I know that dreams and hopes are made here.  In our current situation they will also be unmade here.  Tragedy looms as students lose support, access, their right to an affordable, exceptional education.  Communities will be impacted.  Families will lose opportunities to attain financial stability.  All of this and more is already happening.  


But what can we do…

We have been backed into a corner by forces beyond our control.  But, how far are they beyond our control?  I do not know, but I know that I desire to see hope and a future for my fellow students, even as it becomes harder to imagine.  I think all of us at De Anza College do.

We know that the death of public education will undo so many.  The cuts and scars to this college have already hurt so many. All of those that struggle to succeed and those that are denied access to an affordable and quality education are being undone. All of us at De Anza are being undone.  The bull fights to its dying breath.  We must fight to our dying breath.

We can rally together in this time of need, if we so desire.  We must fight for our values, breath, livelihood and well-being.

For we know that even the bull sometimes wins.  And just as bullfighting is considered inhumane and outdated in areas of Spain, the public must be convinced that cuts to public education are immoral and outdated as well.

De Anza’s Declaration of Solidarity and A Resolution for Action

We, the members of California’s Public Education system, have the charge of showing our communities the importance of their public education institutions, and how the disinvestment to our institutions threatens our youth, community, economy, and even to simply better ourselves.  We must meet consistently and work diligently to gain the support of the community from which we so desperately need.  We must earn and deserve their support.

If Proposition 30 does not pass this election, the greatness of California will be diminished.  We will need to come together to find a way to support education, especially in a recession, when it is so sorely needed.  A quality, accessible, affordable education exists as an integral part of a democracy, and some recognize education as a human right.  If education is defunded further, it would require a massive public movement to support and rebuild California’s education system.  This should take inspiration from and build off of the success of the nonviolent Civil Rights movement. The students and those that help them succeed deserve more than what California is currently giving them.

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