We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: The "African boi" got a "Hawkeye" on his "Dreams" more valuable than "Gold Bars"

This last couple months in music has been good really good with people dropping their mixtapes/EP's/and Albums. This week I have brought to you 3 projects and a video by some of the artist that is pushing in the city of San Jose. So check it out

Now I'm only giving you the 1st track and a track i liked, so you can hear for yourself, and if you like go and download the artist music.

Tigga T in African boi


There was a lot of music to jam with before I made my choice but "No worries.." I like this song cause I got a chance to see an in depth of Tigga's life story with music and struggles.


Gold Bars by Open University


It was hard to choose 1 cause the whole project is dope but "I can't get enough" stuck out the most, and it was not the just the sample, but the IQ storytelling of females and parties, to shows and chillaxin, along with Matty Slims and his smooth in your face style.


SwayD is Hawkeye


"Ignant ish" is not only the track I felt the hardest, but it's melody of the bass with the lyrical style of floetry Sway D is giving to the listener, a catchy hook and guest starring Myc Ripley, what more could you ask for? This be some Hooliganism's with jack daniel's. So check it out and see if you catch what I'm saying.


Rey Resurreccion in "Chasing Dreams"

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