10 Reasons Why Hopsin Is the Best Rapper Out There Right Now

Hi my name is Semaj Kenney, and I I like Hip Hop, I am an artist myself and like to dance. I have many influences when it comes to my music -- Eminem, T.I, B.O.B, and right now my favorite is an artist named Hopsin, and I am here to tell you my 10 reasons why.

The 1st reason why I like Hopsin is because he raps about real things and doesn't rap about money or girls in every song. He has real life stories that he puts in his music unlike some of the fake rappers that only talk about money and girls like YMCMB, Tyga, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and so on.

The 2nd reason why I like Hopsin is because he's not afraid to speak the truth on things like illumnatti and rappers, and the way things are in this world.

The 3rd reason why I like Hopsin is because he is dope and he didn't get into gangs when he dropped out of high school. He made money from doing something productive, which was rapping. Hopsin is setting a good example for kids who drop out of school by showing you can make it, without being in the streets getting into gangs or killing people.

The 4th reason why I like Hopsin is because he doesn't only rap, he's a director also. So that means that he has a back up plan just in case his rap career doesn't work out. A lot of rappers and basketball players who I look up to, don't always have a back up plan, so it's good to know he is smart enough to have one.

The 5th reason why I like Hopsin is because he doesn't lie or make up stuff in his songs. Hopsin mainly talks about stuff that has to do with himself, and the challenges and how to overcome people who try to drag you down in life.

The 6th reason why I like Hopsin is because his aggressive attitude when he raps. I like his attitude because I like aggressive rappers such as Eminem, Tech9, Hopsin, Swizzz, and so on. When I was about 3 years old, I listened to a lot of Eminem. So I'm used to the aggressive style of rappers and thats what I like.

The 7th reason why I like Hopsin is because he has two sides, just like my favorite rapper, Eminem. His two sides are funny and aggressive. I personally think that a rapper should have at least two traits, funny and aggressive, fun and intelligence, and other traits like that. 

The 8th reason why I like Hopsin is because he speaks about the mistakes he made, and he won't make them again, by letting us know what happened. A mistake that Hopsin made was to sign with Eazy-E's wife, who said she was going to give him the deal of a lifetime, which actually did him wrong, so he made his own label FV (FunkVolume).

The 9th reason why I like Hopsin, is because he knows how to make something out of nothing. For example, if he needs food but has no money he'll just make a song, and since he got his hustle in music right, he knows he will make the money to eat. Like I said after getting screwed by Eazy-E's wife he figured he'd be better off grinding hard without a label.

The 10th reason why I like Hopsin is because he talks about his life experiences. Hopsin makes his raps based on things that he went through and I like things like that.


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I agree with all of these. Hopsin is just so straight up with everything, even, if he is talking about himself. Hopsin all around is just a great artist and he dosent have a song i really dislike. All of his songs he just tears it up and it sounds great.

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