In Memory of a Fallen Soldier

YG (Yung Ghost) was a soldier out of San Jose, Ca. A lyricist, a gangster, a community member, deep hearted, and potential beyond belief. He was an all around diverse artist of the Hip Hop genre. A good man loved by many. Yung Ghosts mom wrote a little something for his Birthday today.

"I woke up this morning with a smile in my heart and tears in my eyes. Today January 11, 2013 I spent another birthday without you. I thought I was the only one that REALLY missed you, boy was I wrong. Im checking my facebook (and yours) and so many of your friends have commented about you. You were loved when you were here, and so much more now that you are gone. I want to thank you for being my son. DJ is really torn up. Duane, I know is hurting on the inside more than he is saying (he is still so private). Aaron is doing well and working extra hard so you would be proud of him. DeAnna had a melt down a couple of days ago, but bounced back. "Pops", he tries to be cool, but i know he is missing you today like we all are. I am still trying to get a "tat" with "YG", but I keep chickening out! Your "boyz" are still going strong. I expect great things from them. Hopefully they will remember me when the cash starts rolling in!! Well, my precious baby boy, its about time for me to pick up your sister from school. I know you are having a "hallelujah" good time in heaven. Please continue to watch over all of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET DEMETRIUS

"A small Interview of Yung Ghost by Stevebo Tv"

Yung Ghost and E-Nut


Yung Ghost with Cola of Metafizix at the "ZionI and Grouch" show

Ghost and Society at the "Sac fulla Slaps" video shoot



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RIP bruh

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