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After countless set backs, time in jail, problems, and an album leak, A$AP ROCKY's album has finally dropped worldwide.


A$AP Rocky's long awaited album "LONG.LIVE.A$AP", contained a lot of his well known style. Listening to this album I noticed his influences had alot of give and take from the southern music known as chopped and screwed, created by the late DJ Screw. Along with A$AP's hometown in your face New York style of rapping, this new release by the young artist contains smooth synthesized beats, hard drum kicks, and out of this world lyrics about women, partying, the road of rags to riches, and fashion.

To start off his album, the opening track has the sound of thunder clouds right before the eerie sound of synths played in the background. Till you hear the famous (Uhh) sound bite A$AP has been known for, the album first bar begins with: "I'd thought I'd probably die in prison, expensive taste in woman/ ain't had no pot to p**s in, now my kitchens full of dishes/". His rhyme's are backed up with a chorus of a high pitch voice saying: "Who said you can't live forever lied Of course, I'm living forever I'll Forever, I'll live long You can't ever deny My flaws, I'm living forever I'll Forever, I'll LIVE"

The next track on the album is the 1st single called "Goldie", here is the song


This album had a lot of kick with it, from the drums, to the clever use of fashion names, like in the song "Fashion Killa". Where he talks about his ideal girl and how into fashion they will be, with high end brand shopping sprees. "I love your Linda Farrow, I adore your Dior/ Your Damir Doma, Vena Cava from the store" just a little something he would do check it out.


Overall I give this album a good 7.5 out of 10, because it was a good listen, full of fun melodies, dope rhyme schemes and it kept the listener entertained. The reason I gave it a 7.5 is because It was short from becoming considered a perfect intro for his major label debut, or a classic for that matter. There were no tie's or skits that showed a direct connection of the artist A$AP ROCKY and the listener.

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