Will You Marrow Me?

DeBug is still feeling the love from a couple days ago when we witness a love for the history books between a couples fight for life searching for a bone marrow donor as they took their vows.

On this Valentines day, Debug wants to spread the love of couple, Kevin Weston and Lateefah Simon who just a months ago married in an ICU room as Kevin fought for his life. It was only days ago, that Kevin out of the ICU walked down the aisle of San Francisco City Hall with Lateefah in hand and renewed their vows in front of family and friends to witness. Here's a clip from their wedding.

Kevin Weston is a 44 year old new media journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is father to 1 year old Lelah, stepfather to 16 year old Aminah and the husband of Lateefah Simon. As a long-time mentor to aspiring journalists of color, Kevin's life has touched many. Now, Kevin and his family need our help. In August 2012, Kevin was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia. A bone marrow match can help save his life. Kevin is African-American. Only about 8% of the nation's 10 million registered bone-marrow donors are Black, which makes his chance of finding a bone marrow match quite slim. You are the key to helping Kevin change those odds. To register to see if you are a match visit www.KevinandLateefah.com

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