Inside San Jose's Tent City

In San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, economic inequality can be seen from the sky. On a grassy open field near the San Jose airport, sits a homeless encampment of dozens of tents, and over a hundred people. City officials have stated they will be removing the camp, and the people, very soon. De-Bug talked to the community of residents about who they are, how they got there, and where they may be headed.

Photography by Mewal M. Tekleab

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Fernando J. Perez is a video journalist and a digital media instructor at Silicon Valley De-Bug.  

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Thank you for taking the time to interview these folks.

Thanks for doing this. My wife and I used to drive by this all the time, and we watched it grow from one or two tents to dozens. Our best hopes and wishes for everyone caught up in these unfortunate life circumstances.

The city should form some kind of programs , and shelter for the homeless ,

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