"7-Trees" A Photography Show By Daniel Valencia

Daniel Valencia at Metro gallery exhibits "7-Trees", a solo photography show that covers life in the neighborhood.

7-Trees, a show on the photography of Daniel Valencia, a seventeen year old with a camera that has been documenting his neighborhood for the past year. This body of work was exactly that, a collection of photographs showing life in the Seven Trees.

Started as a personal project without any thoughts of ever becoming exhibited, it grew. It was real, interactive and actually surprising, ironically. Ironically suprising because although I am a close friend, colleague and collaborator I saw images I had never seen.

 When sitting in the gallery I noticed how truly interactive this show was, people came and were immediatly transported to the neighborhood, and its feelings. Some people viewed the images nostalgically and others contemporary like. They viewed both landmarks and geographic shifts. Lastly they saw his interactions and lifestyle whilst living in his home of Seven Trees.

Truly this was one of the most interesting shows so far this year. His photography was not just images, but had a story, a literal written story. His recent experimentation has been writing directly on the photographs, short but really interesting lines. He also wrote and drew on the walls, although the drawings seemed irrelevant they were nevertheless interesting. As I had aforementioned this was a truly interesting show that I highly recommend. 

Check it out at the Metro gallery. 550 south 1st street San Jose, CA. Runs though April.


Photos by: Jacob Larson

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