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This week in Hip Hop is special for it signals the 2nd year anniversary our fellow SV De-Bugger Yung Ghost (Demetrius Cambell) was taken from us. This tribute is an honor of the homie Rhyming In Peace. Hope all is well with you bro, I know you sipping that Holy Hennessey.


Cola of Metafizix feat Yung Ghost [RIP] "Highway 17" LiveWest ENT


What I remember of Yung Ghost was one of those guys that would make you laugh all the time and was about it, whether it was shows, recording, and having fun. I know many people miss him, and this year marks the 2nd anniversary he was taken from us. I know he up in heaven rhyming with the angels showing them San Jose flow. So if you got any stories, comments, or just something for you to say, you can write to him at the bottom of the page in the comments box.

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Baylingual is a San Jose Photographer, Youth Organizer, Video Producer, Journalist, and commentator of De-Bug. He posts local music releases on this site called "We Speak Baylingual Music Blog". He is also in the works on a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Chopping Game'. 

Write him at: baylingual@yahoo.com

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Man...it seems yesterday I was chillin with D. He is possibly one of the most dedicated and talented artists I know to this day. Having him live at my house for the last 4 or 5 months of his life was one of the best things to happen in my life. He opened my eyes to so much artistically and in life in general. He showed me that no matter where you are and what you got, you can make something happen for yourself and that at the end of the day all that matters is that your happy with your life and yourself. I think about you all the time D. You definitely made a lasting impression me and I will never forget ya. Stay up fam. I know ur watchin over us. Rest in Power to the Youthful and Great Demetrius Campbell. One love.

I will always remember the energy Young Ghost always carried with in him always happy and just over all solid individual. We miss you D.

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