Sonido Clash - Cinco de Mayo Edition

Friday May 3rd - San Jose, California - Experimental Infrared Photography by Richard Babcock coverage of Sonido Clash Cinco de Mayo edition, a 1st Friday monthly performance and dance party which explores the traditional, modern, and emerging Latin sound diaspora...

Sonido Clash Cinco de Mayo Weekend Experimental Photography + Cumbia Poblana Mix

Sonido Clash - Cinco de Mayo edition featured :

DJ Lengua (LA), Buyepongo (LA), Souleros Ball Revue (SJ).

Experimental Infrared Photography by: Richard Babcock

DJ Lengua : ,

**Superb Selector and Composer of South American Sounds**

Buyepongo :

**Buyepongo is a LIVE and vibrant polyrhythmic sound that seamlessly fuse Afro beats which include (but are not limited to)merengue, punta,and cumbia. Creating what is now being referenced as the "Buye Beat".**

Souleros Ball Revue :

**Rare Oldies, Soul Harmony ballads pressed on vinyl. Souleros Ball Revue is a Catalyst for Youth fiscally sponsored program.**

Sonido Clash : residents Chatos1013, Turbo Sonidero Futuristico & Philthy Dronez & hosts Raul Y Mexia

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