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Articles Published on May 24, 2013

We Speak Baylingual Music Series: It's One of those Days Under the Stars

This week in "We Speak Baylingual" is a good week because it just felt good to be back in the studio full of creativity, so I wanted to share what other folks are doing with that feel good music. I.L.A.M (Playa Rae and Trey C), Klassikjay, YarrowSlaps, and Amplified, alongside throwback videos that I feel go good with this weeks batch of music. (Parental Advisory) <---in case people find some of the music offensive

"Teach Them Intead of Handing Them a Packet, Yo" -- Silicon Valley Youth Respond to Viral Video of Student Calling for Engagement in the Classroom

The cell phone video of a Texas high school student speaking out about what's wrong with packet education has become a viral sensation -- garnering millions of hits and launching online debates around the status of public education. De-Bug High writers gave their thoughts on the video in the context of their own education experiences.
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