Art as Magic: Adrian Avila Leads "We Grow" Mural at San Jose Elementary School

De-Bug artist and designer Adrian Avila completes mural at San Jose elementary school with 5th grade classes.

Every year the 5th grade class at Schallenberger Elementary School leave behind a present for the school as they make there way to the sixth grade. This year it would be a mural. Artist Adrian Avila went into five 5th grade classes and helped helped them come up with ideas and visions for the mural. The youth were most compelled to sketches of things that grow -- plants, animals, food, and vegetables. Once the students finished Adrian took the hundred or so sketches and put them together into one mural. "It was great working with the students they have so much talent and creativity," says Avila. Once the final draft was transferred to the wall, measuring 4ft tall by 40ft in length, all hundred plus students each had a turn to paint in the mural with direction of Mr. Avila. At the end, the students got to see their gift to the school come to life.  Avila say, "I learned a lot by working with the 5th graders, they see art as magic, and this was truly a magical experience."






40x4 feet. 

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That mural is beautiful and the way it was done. It makes me happy looking at the picture and reading about it. Thank you, De-Bug.

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